The vanilla-flavored cake is a universal flavor and people’s all-time favorite choice when they think of arranging a small party. The mouth-watering taste of vanilla cake can melt anyone’s heart and can also make anyone think of planning random celebrations, whether it’s small or big. 

Vanilla cakes are available in both offline and online bakery shops in various shapes and designs. Pastry chefs are showing their creativity by baking and decking up a myriad of vanilla-flavored cakes because their demand is much higher than for chocolate-flavored cakes. 

Most people order a trending vanilla cake online for their loved ones to celebrate their birthday, anniversary, or milestone. On the other hand, some of them don’t know about the variety of trending vanilla cakes that can double the joy of their celebrations.

Here, we have branched out the latest variety of vanilla cakes that you can order to make a loved one’s special moment memorable. To reveal the list, let’s check it out.

1] Floral Pink Rose Vanilla Cake 

In Floral Pink Rose Vanilla, the spongy base is decorated with roses with the help of pink whipped cream and silver sugar balls. While placing the order, you can either go with heart-shaped, round-shaped, or oval-shaped floral pink rose vanilla cake. This is the best cake through which you can touch the heart of your girlfriend, wife, or female friends on her birthday.

2] Exotic Kitkat Rose Vanilla Cake

If you want to do something out of the box on your kid’s birthday or want to make the smaller occasion extraordinary for your friend, then, without giving a second thought, you can order an exotic KitKat Rose Vanilla cake. 

This cake is baked in a round shape, and its icing is done with pink and white vanilla whipped cream. The cake is topped with floral roses and hearts, whereas the circumference is decked up with KitKat chocolate that gives a crunchier taste to you and your loved ones.

If your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion is around the corner and you aren’t physically available there, you can order cake online in Pune, Mumbai, or whatever city he/ she lives in. Make sure to place the order for KitKat rose vanilla cake at a trusted online bakery-delivering platform to get the worth of each penny with a nice service on time.

3] Royal Rose Anniversary Cake

Royal Rose anniversary cake is the best cake that is specially designed by the bakers for the couple to celebrate the anniversary. The icing of the cake is done using smooth vanilla cream, and it is topped with edible roses and colorful sugar balls. You can also add a heartfelt quote to the cake that will add value and leave a good image of you in front of your better half.

4] Cookies Creamy Vanilla Cake 

Cookies creamy vanilla cake is the perfect cake that will give two different tastes. First is the softness and richness of vanilla cream, and the other is the crunchiness of the Oreo cookies.

However, the base of cookies vanilla is the same as other vanilla cakes, but it is decked up with floral whipped vanilla cream. After that, it is topped with Oreo chocolate biscuits, and half circumference of the cake is decorated with chocolate chips.

5] Vanilla Fruit Overloaded Cake 

Vanilla Fruit Overload cake is perfect for the person who wants to enjoy vanilla cake as well as freshly topped exotic fruits. The Vanilla Fruit Overload Cake is fully loaded with cream of different types and exotic fruits and jams. The cake is stuffed with blueberries, strawberries, and cherries and with jams of different fruits. Chocolates and butterscotch chips are also stuck in the cake, which makes the cake more.

6] Strawberry Vanilla Cake 

Strawberry vanilla cake is yet another variety of vanilla cake in which you can get a trio taste of vanilla, fresh strawberry fruits, and butterscotch. This base of the cake is wrapped in creamy smooth vanilla cream, and the cake circumference is decorated with butterscotch chips. Finally, it is topped with fresh strawberries and fruit jellies. This is one of the best vanilla cakes that you can order to make smaller occasions memorable.

To Sum Up 

You cannot buy happiness with money, but you can buy a cake and similar things to thank someone for being a part of your life. If you are bored of trying regular cakes, then you can taste or send these exciting and mouth-watering flavors of trending vanilla cakes to your loved ones that will fill the moment with sweetness.

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