SAT, commonly known as the standardized admission test administered by the college board, is used by foreign universities to enroll students in various graduation and post-graduation programs. The SAT examination comprises Maths, Reading, and writing and has an optional essay section. It was a paper pen test but was ruled out by introducing a new digital online SAT exam. Read this blog to get insights on sat exam preparation with the application, the right preparation strategy, and more.

Guide to SAT Preparation

Preparation for the SAT is not difficult, and you can ace the examination by following certain steps. Besides, you need to keep yourself healthy and motivated to get the best results out of your hard work. Below are a few must-follow tips to adhere to in your preparation journey.

When Should You Start Preparing for the Examination?

The earlier you commence, the better you will grasp the concepts. It is advisable to begin your preparation on time so that you get enough time to revise the learning material. You can start preparing three months prior to the actual examination.

Important Aspects to Consider as you begin your preparation

Know the Syllabus

Familiarize yourself with the syllabus and examination pattern, this would ensure the correct functioning of further steps facilitating your preparation and examination performance.  

Make a Study Plan

It is advisable to stick to a routine schedule to carry out the preparation in a systematic manner. You can prepare a study plan by allocating time to different topics and concepts. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses and devote more time to the concepts that you find complex.

Choose the Study Materials and Books Wisely

There are ample study materials and books available for the preparation for SAT examination. It is important to select books with updated information, and the latest edition of books provides true insights into the current examination scenario.

Time Management Is the Key

The examination sections are split in time duration; therefore, it is crucial to practice solving questions on time so that you don’t miss any. You can set a timer and practice accordingly for improved results.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best-proven ways to revise your topics. Taking mock tests after every lecture can help you learn the topics better. This can help you track your learning progress. You can analyze your weaknesses through these and apply further changes for improved results.

Prepare Yourself As Per the Sections

Reading Section

The Reading section passages are from various subjects, including literature, social studies, and science. The key to success in this section is to acknowledge the passages and answer the questions correctly.

Improve your reading speed: The Reading section is time-consuming. Therefore it is crucial to read quickly with accuracy. Practice reading articles, books, and newspapers daily to improve your reading speed.

Enhance your vocabulary: The passages in the Reading section contain difficult vocabulary.

You can improve your vocabulary by reading books and searching for new words. 

Practice answering questions: The best way to prepare for the Reading section is to practice answering questions. Take practice tests and set timers to improve your speed and accuracy.

Writing and Language Section

The Writing and Language section of the SAT exam comprises 44 multiple-choice questions designed to test your grammar, punctuation, and syntax skills. This section requires you to revise and edit the given passages. You need to be well-versed in the rules of English and grammar applications to acquire good scores.

Learn grammar rules: The Writing and Language section accesses your knowledge of grammar rules. 

Improve your editing skills: The Writing and Language section requires revising and editing passages. Practice editing various types of sample papers.

Math Section (With a Calculator)

The Math section of the SAT exam consists of two sections, namely Math with a calculator and Math without a calculator. The Math with a Calculator section comprises a set of 38 multiple-choice questions and eight additional questions. The questions cover concepts of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Practice with a calculator: The Math with a Calculator section allows you to use a calculator. Start practicing math skills with a calculator to improve your skills.

Master formulas and equations: The Math section tests your knowledge of formulas and equations. You can memorize and practice them by practicing sample questions. 

Take practice tests: Practice tests are an excellent way to prepare for the Math section with a calculator. Use the official SAT practice tests or other reputable sources to practice your math skills.

Wrapping Up!  

The above-listed steps are crucial to follow for improved performance and results. SAT examination requires you to be quick and on time. As stated above, you can practice time management at the time you practice questions. SAT exam preparation can be done through various study modes, including online coaching or offline classes. Online classes provide ample options and upgraded progress tracking reports to help you measure your progress at each preparation stage. Moreover, self-study is the most crucial part to follow, irrespective of your mode of study.

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