Planning the same events day in and day out throughout the years can become monotonous. Event planners will likely run out of decorating ideas, especially if they are busy. However, the good news is that event design is often driven by creativity. A little flare and forethought go a long way in establishing visceral and positive feedback from the event attendees. Here are some top decorative ideas to take your creativity to the next level.      

Table Decorations

While you might not have the financial ability to splurge on crystal stemware, you can remain creative with table decorations and still get an elegant look. Whether it is the centerpiece, napkins, or table linen, consider a unique piece to grab everyone’s attention. For instance, the durable poly-cotton twill tablecloths will add a touch of elegance to your table while maintaining softness. Also, you can decide to keep the attendees engaged by using an iPad as the centerpiece for your tables. These gadgets can display images, presentations, and information, thus improving visibility. 


If you want to develop a show-stopping experience, consider draping multi-colored streamers or pennant banners from the center of the ceiling, running smoothly to the room’s corners. This design operates best in small rooms having high ceilings. You can minimize the money spent on floor décor since ceiling decorations reduce the need to do much on the floor. Consider using a lot of projections, colors, and lighting if you want to create an ultimate effect. 

Food Display

If you are looking to establish a long-lasting impression with simple art, food is your go-to solution. Besides serving finger-licking meals, you should display the dishes uniquely and attractively to gain the attendee’s interest. When you involve creativity in displaying food, it can add an exciting component to the occasion’s decoration. Luckily, there are numerous food arts to select from, including a DIY bar or a donut wall. 

Expert Lighting

Lighting is crucial for any event and elevates its overall feel and outlook. When it comes to lighting design, the type of event involved plays a significant role in deciding the best design. For instance, the lighting set up in a conference must be enough for attendees to take stress-free notes. However, it should not be too bright to outdo the stage presentation. 

When the event is informal, you can consider incorporating simple colored and LED lights for a breathtaking space. 

Seating Arrangements

How do you want the people attending the event to sit? While every person needs a chair in an event, they do not have to be arranged in the regular boring way. You can implement creativity to make the space stand out while ensuring everyone can access the main event’s spot. 

Additionally, it would help if you decorated your chairs in styles and colors that complement the other décor. Seating choices range from bean bag chairs to bar stools, couches, etc. Evaluate the functionality of each choice to ensure maximum practicality during the event. Besides, you do not want people feeling uncomfortable during the entire event.