Over “Fake, Anti-India, Communal” Content, 8 YouTube Channels, and 1 Facebook Account were blocked:

Since December of last year, 102 channels have been blocked from YouTube by the Indian government due to “fake, anti-India content.” Of the eight channels blocked, seven are managed in India and one from Pakistan.  This News was Reported by  rajkotupdates.news:a-ban- on-fake- youtube-channels-that-mislead-users-the-ministry-said. As part of this most recent step, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said in a release today, a Facebook account was also disabled using emergency powers under IT Rules 2021.

The eight YouTube channels, which have a combined audience of over 114 million viewers and close to 86 lakh subscribers, “spread hatred among religious communities in India [with] false claims,” according to the government. Examples of false information include reports that the Indian government has ordered the destruction of religious buildings, forbade the observance of religious holidays, or declared a religious war in India, according to the press release.

What YouTube channels will be flagged as frauds?

As per rajkotupdates.news:a-ban-on-fake-youtube-channels-that

-mislead-users-the-ministry-said and there are many significant indicators that show if a YouTube channel is real or not. You can read the descriptions of these points that follow-

  • These channels are labeled as phoney since they disseminate false information regarding any event, election, vote, speaker, president, celebrity, and company.
  •  Like the logo and descriptions of Channels, which are lifted verbatim from other well-known YouTube channels and organisations. That was classified as a hoax. 
  • Without their consent or knowledge, this YouTube channel’s name, videos, and thumbnail are similar to those of another YouTube channel.
  • Scripts from other YouTube channel videos should not be used in any YouTube channel videos. Furthermore, disseminating coordinated rumors about any YouTube video. Assigned as a bogus YouTube channel was that.

Afterward, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned these YouTube channels. Many YouTube channels have stopped uploading phoney, clickbait videos. However, the government persisted in taking action against phoney social media and YouTube accounts. This involves disseminating false information about any certain delicate subjects. Many YouTube channels had their accounts first suspended due to their dubious content.

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What steps does the Indian government  take to combat fraudulent YouTube channels?

These are a few of the most important measures that MitY (the Ministry of Information and Technology) may take against phony YouTube channels, according to its statement. We have mentioned the details below:

  • Any YouTube channel may receive a warning notice from MitY asking them to edit their video within a certain time frame. which broke YouTube’s rules and disseminated false information about any subject.
  • MitY has the ability to prohibit any YouTube channel and video for spreading false information.
  • eliminating admin access and limiting YouTube to all YouTube channels. which are spreading false information on YouTube.
  • Any YouTube channel that is generating false news complaints on social media should be avoided. 
  • According to the seriousness and frequency of the infringed content, Mity might levy fines and penalties against YouTube owners.

How will YouTube users be benefited by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s decision?

Without understanding the precise decision taken by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology , I am unable to respond in my capacity as an AI language model. To my understanding, MeitY had not made any significant pronouncements regarding YouTube or its users as of the cutoff date of September 2021. I might be better able to respond to your question about how MeitY’s specific action might benefit YouTube users if you could provide me with additional details about it.

The restriction is intended to safeguard Indian internet users

A website or platform being blocked might be censorship. The capacity of users to express themselves online is constrained when a government imposes new rules on internet service providers or blocks social media platforms. In India, where censorship and national security measures are combined to threaten internet freedom, this is a serious issue.For instance, the Indian government blacklisted 59 Chinese apps like TikTok in June due to worries about data privacy and national security. The decision was widely criticised, and it was only the most recent indication that India is carrying out an arbitrary campaign of Internet control.

Reasons for the Ban on False Channels

rajkotupdates.news:a-ban-on-fake-youtube-channels-that-mislead-users-the-ministry-said.The Indian government had taken such measures for the second time. December 2022 marks the beginning. It was a threat to national security and the spread of false information when the Ministry of Information and Technology blocked 104 YouTube channels, 4 Facebook accounts, 50 videos, 5 Twitter handlers, and 6 websites. A few additional reasons why YouTube channels are blocked are listed below.

Deceptive Advertising

These particular YouTube channels employed shady techniques to increase the video’s views. In order to generate a lot of money and be able to offer their audience adult and sensitive adverts.

Misleading Information

False YouTube channels frequently disseminate false information and lead viewers astray. Which is bad for YouTube users and viewers. Such material is misleading and dangerous for the audience.

False Statements and Acts

Fake Spreading fake news on hot issues is a constant tactic used by YouTube channels to attract views on their channel. in order to advertise dubious products. It is bad for the audience. It completely misleads and endangers viewers, putting them in danger. And viewers may experience issues as a result of this kind of bogus news.


As per rajkotupdates.news:a-ban-on-fake-youtube-channels -that-mislead-users-the-ministry-said. You’ll be able to comprehend as well. How YouTube channels trick viewers to see more of their content. It can mislead the audience and put them in danger. It could deceive the audience and put them in danger.


Q1. What do the YouTube rules aim to achieve?

The purpose of the YouTube policies is to promote a safe, supportive, and creative environment for all users. The guidelines encourage originality and expression while prohibiting harmful, obscene, or misleading content.

Q2. What should I do if I come across something that is against YouTube’s rules?

You can report content to YouTube if you find it to be in violation of their policies. Click the three dots beneath the video and choose “Report” to report material. Additionally, you can report material by visiting the YouTube Help Centre and selecting “Report abuse.”

Q3. How do I find out more about the YouTube policies?

Visit the YouTube Help Centre to find out more about the rules on YouTube. A thorough explanation of the rules is available in the Help Centre, along with instructions on how to report anything that contravenes the rules.

Q4. What kinds of content on YouTube are forbidden?

YouTube does not allow the following sorts of content: content that encourages violence, hate speech, child sexual abuse, or other harmful content; inappropriate content for minors, such as content that contains violence or other adult material; and content that promotes nudity.

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