An innovative website called Rupeetub lets customers earn money by watching videos online. Users may quickly make money by watching new videos, TV trailers, and more. is a terrific method to get emotional money because users may start earning as they watch more videos.

We’ll cover all of the frequently asked questions about in this post, including review, who owned it , Login process and step to sign up .


On the website, individuals can get paid to view videos online. They reward viewers with money for watching brevities or TV show previews. By completing surveys and other tasks, as well as by recommending friends and family to the network, users can get money.

Who is this Website Owner?

Because this website’s creators choose to keep its owner’s identity a secret, no one knows who owns .

Things to Know

You should be aware of the following critical facts about Rupeetub. For instance, there are strong odds that this platform is potentially hazardous if it has no social media profiles.

  • Google can access the URL : This website is indeed listed on Google, which makes it simpler for new visitors to find it online.
  • Internet site security: Yes, this website is secure. To protect visitors’ data, they employ an extended SSL certificate to protect their website from spammers.
  • functionality and design: The functionality and aesthetics of the platform are good.
  • Pages for Contact and About Us: There are Contact and About Us pages on rupeetub’s.
  • Social Media Accounts : These are’s social media accounts. None of’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are active.

Process to Signup in this Platform

Follow this guide to find out how to sign up on this platform.

1. Open a new browser tab and click the link.

2. Enter your selected pin, birth year, phone number, username, and email address, and agree to the terms and conditions before clicking Register.

3. That’s all, after creating an account on, check your email for verification.

Step to login

1. Launch a new browser tab and click the link to the login page.

2. Press the login button after entering your username and password. To sign in to, follow these steps.


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