Introduction YouTube to MP3 Converter

Anyone who has a smartphone is certain to have a YouTube account- the most popular video-sharing application worldwide. YouTube comprises videos in every niche with innumerable users and new videos getting posted daily. YouTube to MP3 converter By the time you are overreading this article, there will be more than 100 new videos uploaded and a few taken off at the same time. 

Watching videos on YouTube is easy but the actual task is converting youtube videos to MP3 or MP4 files. Well, here is a brief guide to start converting your videos in the easiest way possible: 

YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Converters

YouTube to MP3 converters are tools available online to extract audio files or MP3 files from any video available on YouTube. At the same time, MP4 files are video-based extraction that can be saved similarly. Since some part of the original video is getting eliminated, saving space on devices becomes manageable using such software and tools. 

YouTube is yet to roll out any such features enabling users to extract audio from the original video. Until there are any such features, you can use online tools available free of cost to save files in whatever format you wish. 

How can you download

  • Go to YouTube, search for the video you want to download, and play it.
  • Once the video starts playing, copy its URL. 
    • Click here on the YouTube to MP3 converter. This link will redirect you to the conversion page.
  • Paste the copied URL and select the preferable format – either MP3 or MP4 (in case you do not choose anything, the video will be converted as an MP3 file).
  • Click on the Convert option once the format is selected and the conversion will be done in a couple of minutes. 

Note: the web app can only convert videos with a duration of up to 90 mins. 

Benefits of YouTube to Mp3 conversion 

  • Space saver: An original video occupies way more space. So, to cut through the difficulty of space-saving, a video you’d want to keep with yourself can be formatted into an MP3 or an MP4 file, which can save a lot of space. Also, your video and audio quality won’t degrade, if that is what worries you. 
  • Downloading music: Since any YouTube video can easily be extracted for its audio, you can use this hack to save music tracks that are available on YouTube to MP3 converter as a website and app. That way, you can save music for free while the audio quality remains intact.

Well, of course, a playlist that runs offline is next to gold for music enthusiasts. And since most music players nowadays charge an unpayable sum of money, offline saving music is a great hack against it. Not just have audio, but you can also download video files and watch them offline.

  • Portable file: While sharing videos directly from YouTube to friends is not feasible, sharing an MP3 or an MP4 file is. The offline download stays on your device forever, unless you delete it which you can also circulate amongst your friends like any other offline file. 

It is illegal to own YouTube videos and convert them into MP3 or MP4 files?

YouTube is very strict in terms of policies, as such you might wonder if YouTube to MP3 converter audio and videos is even lawful. Well, before you intend to make any changes to somebody else’s content, you need to make sure whether the modification is harmful or not in any way possible. Usually, the legality is closely connected with the usage of the video. 

As for YouTube, it is against its policies to even save a video on your device. You would have to get formal permission from the video’s owner to be able to do so. The same reason is why it is suggested that you look for those channels in the public domain, otherwise with a Creative Commons Licence. 

And for videos that do not fall into either of the two categories, you can always feel free to acquire permission to stay back by any lawful offence. 


Looking forward to converting YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 can come for several reasons. There are both easy and tough ways of doing so, with paid and unpaid options, too. YouTube to MP3 converter and it’ll redirect you to one of the best converters available online. The web app will instantly convert your videos to the desired format and also keep up with the quality. 


1. How can you extract an MP3 (audio) file from YouTube?

YouTube itself does not avail the option of extracting audio files from videos to users. Hence, you will require an online tool that will do the work for you. 

2. How safe is it to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 or MP4 files? 

Since you will be using an online tool randomly available on the internet, it is uncertain to say whether the site safeguards the user data. So, it is always best to take precautions and avoid web pages that look suspicious. 

3. Is downloading YouTube videos and converting them into MP3 and MP4 files illegal? 

YouTube does not permit anyone to save videos on their device and it will consider any such activity as an offence. However, if you have to anyhow save the video and convert them into MP3 or MP4 formats, you must take the owner’s permission. 

4. Can you share the converted MP3 files with your friends? 

Yes, MP3 files once converted get saved on your file manager that can easily be shared amongst your friends. 

5. Do extracted audio files get saved in a poor-quality format? 

No, files that are converted into MP3 or MP4 are not compromised and the quality remains as it is. 



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