Your product is finally ready and so you’re thinking about a brand launching event to showcase this product. Brand launching will be a great way to create a good first impression of your product to your potential customers, especially those international clients. Looking to cover the international scope can prove to be more difficult than local, which is why this blog has for you tips on how to attract international clients.

Take a Strategic Approach to the Event

If you want to see the results of your brand launching event, it is best to follow a strategic plan. One of the ways to take this plan is by knowing your target audience, even though it is international. If you want the event to make sense, there needs to be a target audience. Do this by knowing the age range, and the cultural norms of your international clients, and then you can infuse these into your event planning.

If your event is going to be offline, make sure that you’ve made the proper arrangements to make your international attendees feel comfortable. Hold the event at a place that is easily accessible, making travel arrangements for them can come a long way, and then the event should best hold in a place where accommodation is readily available.

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Ensure there’s a Language Support

Knowing that your event is going to have international attendees, it will be best if you have available a language support system. Ensure that there are translators available at your event, so that the message you’re trying to pass across to them, they understand it well. However, hiring so many translators can prove to be costly for you.

If so, these days there is translation equipment that you can purchase or rent to your event to make things even easier for you. Push-to-talk microphones are translation equipment that helps make your event with international participants much easier. With this everyone will be able to perform in the brand launch event effectively. 

Take Advantage of Social Media

The marketing strategies you use for your event will determine its effectiveness. Properly introduce your product to your loyal customers and the global market. Before your big event, make a list of all the teasers you need to post on social media. then pique the interest of the general public, sponsors, advertisers, and exhibitors. The best strategy for selling your new product is to use all five fingers. Do you know how? You can, for instance, make press releases, posts to social media, email marketing campaigns, pop-up advertisements on websites, and even news ads. The more people talk about your event, the more leads you will convert.

For innovative businesses, social media giveaways are a component of current marketing strategies. Either the actual product or a free ticket to the event can be promised. Social media has the potential to benefit you in the same way that ticket sales have benefited you. The most efficient method for keeping customers informed and interested in the event is email marketing.

Overall, TikTok has become an important player in the world of social media and brand launching. Its unique features and broad user base make it an attractive platform for companies looking to reach younger consumers and expand their reach. Just like if you buy 2000 TikTok followers UK and ignore what your account needs to grow. It’ll be of no use. That’s why TikTok’s unique algorithm also makes it easier for brands to get their content in front of users who may be interested in their products or services.

International Influencers and Media Influence

One of the best ways to make your event go public is to let international influencers and media houses do the job for you. International influencers have a strong social media presence which you might not have. This means that they have followers that will be within your target range, and when these guys talk about your event on their social media page, everyone starts to take a keen interest in it. 

The media house can also be a big plus. Think about radio ads, TV ads, and print advertisements, all these are very useful. In the US alone according to research, 92 percent of the citizens listen to the radio every week, with more adults listening to it. While for TV, about 87 percent of the US population watches television every week. Think about the percentage of the world listening to the radio and watching television every week. The media is surely a great way to publicize your brand-launching event.

Bring Exclusive Offers to the Table

Make your international attendees feel special. Offer them exclusive packages for your event such as a VIP area, or a special meeting with your team, you may even decide to go out of your way and offer them personal consultation with you concerning your brand, etc. This shows that they are important in the event.


Put in mind that the process will not be an easy one, however, as long as you have a plan, a high rate of success is achievable to get your brand popular in the international realm. Remember to be intentional throughout the whole process, this will enable push better for the event planning process no matter what.