Looking for an eco-friendly ring might seem like an extraordinary effort, but believe me, it is not. Keeping in mind the unethical practices of mining real diamonds and gold, people feel fed up. They do not want their special day to be spoiled by any such concerns. That is exactly the reason why they seem to be finding alternating ways that are quite satisfactory both for them and other people.

Everybody wants to make their wedding day special. This is alarming that the ring they are going to use on their special day involves an unethical making process. In contrast, some wedding rings are eco-friendly, human-friendly, and affordable. 

In this article, we will explain how you can go green with your wedding day pick, and purchase an eco-friendly ring.

What Are Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings?

The term eco-friendly lab-grown ring might be new to some people. But if you are searching for a wedding ring, and have tried different options, you might have got the idea. Your first choice for the wedding ring, undoubtedly, is a pure diamond. Getting to the knees and offering a pure real diamond ring to your loved one is a matchless feeling in the world.

But still, you stop for a while before picking one such diamond as your wedding ring. This is because of the worldwide conflict about its mining process, involving both human and environmental abuse. 

Meanwhile, the humans create in the lab have a valid reason for their massive acceptance. They offer couples the ability to customize their rings and make them truly unique while still having access to an affordable option.

Not only that, but these laboratory-created rings are also more durable and scratch-resistant than their natural counterparts, providing a long-lasting symbol of their love.

In addition, these diamond alternatives also have a smaller environmental footprint as they use fewer resources during production compared to mined diamonds which require extensive digging and labor costs.

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5 Meaningful Ways of Going Green while Choosing an Engagement Ring

You might find purchasing an engagement ring that involves no ethical issues quite overwhelming. Meanwhile, some factors can add more trouble. You will end up facing a confusing dilemma once you get into the market, and find countless designs, styles, and materials. Your mind will boggle with the versatility of wedding sets and solitaire diamond rings.

But the decision of picking an eco-friendly solitaire ring instantly relieves the stress. It makes your decision quite simple as you merely prefer a ring that meets moral and ethical standards. 

You ensure the diamond is eco-friendly, find her ring size, and pay the price. That is it. No need to dig into the plenty of choices. Let us explore meaningful ways of going green with our wedding day pick.

1. Do Your Research

Your diamond ring supplier may claim that the stone he offers comes from an ethically sourced mine. But the real information of where and how it is treated further might be missing. Therefore, do not just rely on what is being told to you. Listening to the next person and then doing your research can save you from massive disappointment.

For example, an ethically mined gold or diamond may have involved some dubious actions along the journey of reaching you. Hence, research the claims a company offers while selling wedding rings for women. It can be crucial in making a worthy decision.

2. Pick Conflict-Free Engagement Rings

Picking conflict-free engagement rings can be a sigh of relief. Selecting one such stone for your bridal set means you are contributing to ethical diamond purchasing. It indirectly influences the ethical aspects of diamond mining. For long, immoral practices of diamond and gold mining have made them earn the title of “blood diamonds”.

They have made humans and the environment pays a heavy cost in exchange for pricier stones. Human rights have long been violated in such practices. Meanwhile, mining and refining processes have liberated harmful metals directly into the environment. Go green and try out synthetic or man-made stones which involve innocuous manufacturing processes.

3. Consider Lab Created Diamonds for Your Wedding Sets

Lab created diamonds are the best option to consider for your big day. They do not involve harmful processes of mining and abusing the environment. They are not just innocuous but also offer several significant benefits. But people are often seen confused with questions like; what is a lab grown diamond? And are lab-grown diamonds real?

Well, the arguments are worth considering. Humans create these stones in the lab while mimicking the real process of diamond formation. Under artificial temperatures and conditions, they raise affordable stones that guarantee eco-friendliness. Some people who can not afford real diamonds, and want to get their royal appeal on their wedding day, can consider them.

You must not pick lab diamonds only for their dependable costs. The subscription to moral and ethical standards should be your main clause. This can be a voice for the rights of those being ill-treated at gold and diamond mines. If you do research, it is very easy to track their origins. Simply put, a lab grown diamond can be your best bet to go green, without breaking the budget.

4. Find a Jeweller That Prioritizes Environment

Finding a jeweler that shares the same eco–friendly values as you can be a win-win situation. It will save you from extra hassle and loads of time. Hence, look for a supplier that deals with only environment-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

In this regard, you might need to see their certifications that prove credibility. Some questions about their products or practices will also reveal their authentic resourcing. It is worth considering that a trustworthy supplier can eliminate the need of doing research. It also gives the freedom of choosing the best design and style for your solitaire wedding ring.

5. Go Green by Ditching Extra Packaging

Avoid creating unnecessary waste by ditching extra packaging. Your fancy ring box might end up getting dust in the drawer, or you may throw it in the landfill. Believe me, it is not the packaging that matters. The ring inside and your sentiments is what counts the most.

Hence, do not hesitate in trying something different and unique. Just get the beautiful ring out and handle it to your loved one while asking the question. It will make your moment ideal and worthy to remember.


The craze for real diamonds is gradually diminishing among people. That is because of the immense hue and cry over the unethical and immoral mining processes. These expensive stones have made hundreds of people suffer for their isolation and purification. But as we know every problem brings its own solution, and so is the case with blood diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are getting massive global acceptance for their safe and moral manufacturing. These are eco-friendly and help consumers relish their love for mother nature. People prioritize these lab diamonds, particularly for their wedding days as they do not want any immoral subscription linked with their love life.