Escape from Tarkov can be tough for newbies. The game’s realistic mechanics, which include thorough weapon modification, accurate ballistics, and constrained inventory space, might be intimidating. The game also has a permadeath system, which means that if a player dies during a raid, they forfeit all of their stuff. Beginners, who are more likely to die frequently and are still learning the game’s principles, may find this to be very aggravating.

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What to pack for a newbie?

You can start running with an ax/knife or pistol. In the beginning, you need to play with inexpensive weapons, because the risk of parting with loot, which is obtained with great difficulty, is too great. It is complicated, but it is also one of the reasons why the game was called the best first-person shooter in 2016 by Forbes. However, there is no easier way to learn the behaviour of other players, as well as to learn when to avoid combat, when it is better to sneak or run as fast as possible, and when to defiantly cut the enemy with an axe.

Run with an ax

The very essence of owning an axe is extremely simple: the risks are low, however, as are the rewards. This means that in your arsenal there is nothing but an axe and a backpack. It would be better to run the race at the Factory location, however, there are a couple of interesting options on the big map.

There are several strategies for running with an axe. Let’s consider some of them. Run at full speed to the nearest loot box, take the most valuable things from it, put them in a secure container, and run to the next one. When you die (which is inevitable), the container will be freed and you can start the raid again.


When you enter a location, move slowly and confidently, listening to your surroundings. Ideally, you should know about the people around you, but they don’t know about you. Now a choice has to be made. You can let them move on, and then move to the loot box, or cut through their skull with an axe. Even when you’re trying to play in this stealth mode, there are times when you have to take to your heels.

But you do not need to appear on open areas and roads in broad daylight. If someone tries to shoot you, move from side to side. You may need to run if the target is ten meters away. In short, if you run into another player, quickly run up and try to deal as much damage as possible to kill. With any luck, you will pick up his gun and use it for its intended purpose.


This strategy is very similar to the previous one, but our goal is not to kill PMCs (people), but Scavs. We avoid people, first, you need to get weapons, and it’s easiest to kill the wild ones. At the Plant, wild ones often walk in groups, we need to catch a lone bot and quickly cut it down. They think a little before the attack, during this time you will have time to kill him. If you managed to kill the Wild Bot, don’t rejoice, take your unloading weapon and run to a secluded place (search later). Other bots will definitely come to the shots. There are two options, kill them or run away.

The choice depends on the circumstances, you may have a broken leg or profuse bleeding. A fracture is not as bad as bleeding, because of it you will die in a matter of minutes. Therefore, take Analgin, a first-aid kit, and a bandage with you in a container, or find medicines from the dead Scavs.

After you got the weapon and everything is in order with your health, go carefully to the exit, if you don’t have the key, then you just have to go to Gate 3. You shouldn’t go to it from the side of the office, as there are a lot of people and wild. It is best to go through the tunnel, through the cars, from there you will see the hostel and the wild under the pocket.


The last strategy is Patience. It’s a bit like a trick, only by sticking to it you barely make any headway. Your goal is to wait for other players to kill each other, savages, and loot boxes. After that, you can go out. Under ideal circumstances, you will be the last survivor.

After waiting a little longer, you will be able to collect the loot left by the dead players. It’s best to hide in a secluded place and go about your business, come back 10 minutes before the end of the raid, and loot.

After all, even five players with the most capacious backpacks will not be able to carry all the valuable loot. You will have to take everything that is left. But to be honest, it is better to use all three strategies at the same time. For example, run to the first loot box, grab things and hide for ten minutes, and then sneak up on some player to hack him.

But remember – you should not get hung up on races with an ax. You can do 5-6 runs a day, and use the weapons you find the rest of the time. By the time you reach level fifteen, you can completely forget about sorties with an ax.

We recommend trying each tactic three times to see which one works best for you.

How and where for beginners to loot in Escape from Tarkov?

Some places with loot are in close proximity to the player’s spawn. But sometimes, the thing is so small that it’s hard to see. If you’re having trouble finding loot, there are a couple of workarounds. For example, watch video walkthroughs on YouTube. Letsplayers will take you to places you couldn’t find for days on end. If you’re playing with a team, then memorize the places where your partners loot so you can find something useful next time. Some advice can also be found on the official forum. 

However, the best way to find out places with loot is to run over the map yourself over and over again.

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