Flowers are the best replacement for words! With a wide selection of flowers available by type and colour, there is always a bouquet to express love and happiness with near and dear ones on all occasions. Since there is no limit on the number of items that can be presented to loved ones, why not take the surprise a step further by pairing the flowers with thoughtful gifts? Online gift stores are offering a convenient way to buy, customise, and arrange the delivery of gifts without breaking a sweat or the bank. This post shares the top flower gift combo ideas your loved ones will surely appreciate. Take a look.

First things first,

The best way to express/replace love and happiness with flowers is by selecting the ideal blooms that resemble your heartfelt feelings and emotions. There is a wide selection of blooms from which you can choose to bring out all that lies in your heart. Pick flowers for your offering depending on the colour, type, and arrangement. Here are some flower meanings by type (you can also check various meanings by colour variations).

You can also opt to customise the flower arrangement and packaging to curtail your message.

Carnations – Beauty & PrideOrchid – Mature Charm, Thoughtfulness, and Refinement
Daisy – Innocence & PurityRose – Love
Carnation – Pride, Admiration, & LoveLily – Luck, Happiness, & Purity

Flowers and Cakes

Being in an environment surrounded with fresh and fragrant flowers and having a lip-smacking bite kindles the good mood. Liven up an upcoming special occasion for your loved one with a heart-melting flower and cake combo. If you are looking for a combo to express love and affection, you can go with a box of red roses and carnations and a red velvet cake.

You can also opt to customise the cake design and flavours from gift stores offering online flowers and cake delivery! Options include; floral, heart-shaped, Pinata, and Pull-Me-Up cakes. Take the surprise a step further by choosing a matching combo.

Flowers and Chocolates

Chocolates are sweet delicacies that no one could ever pass the offer! Leave your sweet tooth loved one ecstatic with a bubbling flower and chocolate bouquet at the ding of the doorbell. With florists offering customisations, you can have the flowers nicely arranged in a sleeve (you can even choose the colour and customisations) and topped with green fillers, baby’s breath, and chocolates. Or you can present a box of flowers with a personalised heart-shaped chocolate box in the middle.

Flowers and Sweets

Since ancient times, flowers and sweets have and will always be among the gift collection on all special occasions. So, express love and happiness to your near and dear ones with their favourite flowers and sweet treats. Since you know your loved ones’ favourite options, finding the best items will be like taking a walk in the park. You can include traditional sweet treats like Soan Puff, Rasgulla, Laddo, Soan Papdi, Burfi, and Doda, to name a few.

Flowers and Greeting Cards

Staying miles away from your near and dear ones can be stressful as you may not be able to see and be with them on all special occasions. But, with a flower and greeting card combo, you can send a bouquet of blooms to express your feelings and emotions and pen down the hard-to-say words. All you have to do is order flowers and greeting cards from an online florist. Remember to include your greeting card message when placing your order.

Flowers and Plants

Are you looking for a gift to surprise your plant-loving near and dear one? Then a flowers and plants combo is the right choice. Just like flowers, plants are also available in a wide selection of types and names. Since plants are gifts that keep on giving, why not take the surprise a step further by having the plant pots personalised with your message and more? Pick the ideal flowers and plants to express your deepest feelings and emotions.

Flowers and decorative gifts

Spruce up the aura for your near and dear ones with a flowers and decorative gifts combo at their home or office. You can choose to seal the deal with a wide selection of options. You can present flowers in a personalised vase (they will use the vase to keep more flowers) alongside a golden artificial rose, figurine, god idols, wall clock, and photo frame, to name a few.

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