Many people who visit one park frequently also visit the other because they are both well worth visiting. However, how simple is it to see both in a single trip? What choices do you have for getting there if you want to go to both on your vacation?

How Far Is Universal Studios From DisneyWorld? 

You might be shocked to learn that they are actually near to one another despite both being enormous theme parks. Disney World is actually only around 9 miles from Universal Studios, making the trip take about 15 minutes if you take the shortest route and there is little traffic.

You won’t have far to travel to any of them when you initially arrive for your trip because they are both fairly close to the main Orlando Airport.

How do I go from Disney World to Universal Studios?

Driving is the quickest way to travel between the two theme parks. Car rental rates can vary, but if you reserve your lodging with a local supplier like Top Villas, they’ll assist you in finding a fantastic offer. They even provide a chauffeur service if you’d prefer not to drive yourself.

When you decide to hire a car, you may easily drive between the two parks or from your lodging, taking advantage of the flexibility that comes with choosing your own departure hours and avoiding the need to wait for a reserved car to arrive. The path is also very straightforward. All you have to do is take exit 75A off of I-4 East.

You will travel along the renowned I4, which parallels International Drive. If you do opt to drive, remember to account for the cost of parking at both theme parks. During the busiest times of the year, Disney’s all-day parking costs about $50, while Universal’s rates start at $28 per vehicle.

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One of the easiest ways to get from Universal to Disney if you’d prefer not to drive yourself is to take a taxi. Although there are many taxi services in Orlando, it is crucial to make a reservation with a respected company, such as Mears. Depending on your service provider, a single trip ought to cost about $45.

One of the most practical ways to get around Orlando is using useful applications like Uber or Lyft. These travel applications are very simple to use and typically cost much less than taking a standard cab. Simply download the app before you depart for the day if you have a smartphone. after creating an account and connecting your payment card.

Is There A Bus Service That Connects Disney World With Universal Studios?

A complimentary shuttle service connects several of the larger resorts, like Reunion and Encore, with Disney World. It may be tough to travel to Universal Studios if you are staying at a resort, and if you are already in Disney World, you will need to rent a car if you want to go to Universal afterward.

If you are looking at properties near Disney World, check the villa listing to make sure shuttle services are offered before making a reservation. Villas with resort memberships also include shuttle services.