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What is Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular variations of the Poker card game, where each player is dealt 2 cards and will have to combine with the 5 community cards on the table to create the strongest 5 card combination possible. The player who has the strongest 5-card combination from the 7 available cards (also known as the strongest hand) and doesn’t face down until the end will be the winner of the full amount of the game (also known as Pot).

Texas Hold’em Poker is Usually Played Under 3 Types of Bets:

  • No Limit: No bet limit. You can bet all the money you have on the table.
  • Pot Limit: The maximum bet is based on the amount in the pot.
  • Limit (or Fixed Limit): limit the bet to a specified level.

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Texas Hold’em Poker Rules


Crafting a winning poker hand requires four rounds of betting: Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, and River. Yet not every game progresses all the way to that final round; often, one player will win before then if all other competitors discard their cards.

Each player will receive two cards, known as trumps, which they keep concealed from their opponents. Afterward, the dealer will turn over five community cards in the center of the table: three during The Flop round, one for The Turn round, and an additional card for The River round.

Players combine their two cards with the community cards to form the best link. Betting rounds end when all players have equal stakes, or one player has bet all their money. The player with the strongest link according to hand ranking takes the pot.

How a Texas Hold’em Game Happens

Round 1: Pre-Flop

The two players to the left of the Dealer must place a required bet according to the rules: SB at half the table stakes and BB at double. This happens before any cards are dealt. After each hand, the Dealer position moves clockwise so all players take turns.

After SB and BB have been placed, each player is dealt 2 face-down cards. The first betting round then begins with the player sitting to the left of BB’s position. Each player has the option to bet, raise, or fold in a clockwise order until all players’ stakes are equal or one single person has bet all their money.

Round 2: The Flop

The first 3 community cards are then revealed in the center of the table. Players can use these cards in combination with their hole cards to assess their hand strength and make decisions based on that. The second betting round starts from the SB position – if this player has already folded, then the next person in line begins.

Round 3: The Turn

After the flop is complete, the 4th community card – the turn – is flipped face up in the center of the table. A new round of betting then commences, beginning with SB’s position.

Round 4: The River

Following the Turn betting round, the 5th and final community card is revealed in the center of the table. This is a last chance for those who haven’t been able to build good linkages in previous rounds – as well as a way to strengthen already-existing linkages. Players combine their two hole cards with the 5 community cards on the table to build the strongest 5-card link possible. The final betting round then takes place, similar to that of Flop and Turn rounds.

Showdown – Flip cards

After the last betting round, if two or more players remain, all will reveal their cards to determine who has the strongest link. The player with the strongest link wins the entire pot, while those with equal cards will split the pot equally between them.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker Online at Fun88

Step 1: Login Fun88 & Select Casino Hold’em

Before you can start this thrilling brain game, you’ll need to register for an account at Fun88 Casino. For first-time players, Fun88 is offering a 100% discount of up to $100 at the Online Casino. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

After successfully creating an account at the reputable Fun88 bookie, you continue to perform the following steps to come to the game:

  • Click LOGIN with the information you have previously สมัครFun88.
  • Go to CASINO to continue
  • Choose OTHER to earn more card games available at Fun88
  • Click on Casino Hold’em

Step 2: Go to The Betting Table & Place a Bet 

Once you click on Poker Hold’em Casino, you’ll be taken to a new window where you can play directly with the Dealer at Fun88 Casino. Get ready for a thrilling experience.

  • Choose the chip level you want to play with a minimum of $0.5.
  • Place bet chips in the Ante box to start.

The dealer will deal 2 separate cards to each side and 3 community cards placed in the center of the table. The cards are all face-up, except for the Dealer’s 2 cards. Now you need to choose 1 of 2 decisions:

  • X2 BET: Continue playing by betting 2 times the original bet.
  • DISCIPLINE: Stop the game and lose the original bet. 

After the admin has continued making 2x Bets, the Dealer will deal all community cards. The results of the game will be displayed on the photo frame above. For example, if the Dealer has Two pairs and the admin only has High Card, then Dealer wins the bet. Ready to test your skills?


Playing Texas Hold’em Poker at Fun88 is a great way for newbies to get started in the world of poker. Not only is it easy and straightforward, but you’ll also be able to compete against an experienced Dealer in a thrilling experience. So what are you waiting for? Get playing today and test your skills!