The user name cougher18 has been suspend by Twitter.It is said that the user has violated Twitter’s rules and policies. According to the sources, the content that was upload. The user is not available on his account and was delete by Twitter.

However, the actual time and date of the tweet are unknown, as the content has been delete by Twitter. Furthermore, no information regarding this account can be identifie on any other social media account.

Eventually, while searching for some facts about the user. We found that the user has a TikTok account, where he usually uploads short videos. For your reference, attached is an image that will help you to know more about the user if TikTok is accessible in your geography.

Although we did not have the exact content of the user, We have an idea of ​​content based on reactions from other Twitter users. The tweet might have been about adult content. As per Twitter’s rules and policy guidelines, it doesn’t allow such kinds of videos or posts on Twitter. This may be the reason why Twitter deleted the tweet of the user ‘cougher18’.

Posting a few screenshots for your reference.