Over the past few years, bitcoin has become one of the most popular decentralized currencies in the iGaming industry. As is always the case, speculation, and popularity go together. The legality of cryptocurrencies is frequently called into question.

Operators of online casinos sometimes need clarification about controversial facts and decisions made by authorities concerning cryptocurrencies. Wanting to operate their businesses legally, these operators try to determine if BTC gambling is legal and whether or not a Bitcoin casino should be licensed. Considering how fast the situation changes, it is difficult to identify a global strategy. Each region of the world has its own cryptocurrency-related trends.

Online casinos are the quickest adaptors of cryptocurrencies among all forms of online business. Yet while the number of crypto casinos keeps increasing, many interested bettors still need to understand whether gambling with BTC is legal. This article will answer this regularly asked the question: “Is BTC gambling legal?” Come with us as we take this ride together.

Key Facts on BTC Gambling Legality

Is BTC gambling legal? What laws have been put in place to regulate crypto activity? And what does it take to open a legit BTC online casino? There are many questions about this subject, but few answers.

We have the impression that Bitcoin gambling is rapidly changing, and the legality of Bitcoin gambling has been put on hold in some countries around the world. Recently, there have been no straightforward answers to the question, “is BTC gambling legal?”

However, some valuable points below might give you a clearer understanding of the question asked.

  • Bitcoin gambling is neither officially allowed nor prohibited, as no specific laws regulate it. While some countries are seeking ways to regulate the use and integration of cryptocurrencies, some have accepted it as a legal tender while some though not legal tender but have recognized it as a form of payment.
  • The body language of different authorities towards BTC gambling is changing rapidly, with more countries looking for a positive way to place regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain services as a whole. However, most countries still need to recognize BTC as a real currency. Suppose it is not as natural as they say. In that case, traditional regulations around fiat currency in online casinos and sports platforms should not be applied to BTC online casinos and sports bookings.
  • Despite what has been said above, in some countries where crypto gambling is banned, like some states in the US, authorities may still take strong measures against crypto platforms or players who make decent wages with BTC or any other cryptocurrency.
  • BTC gaming platforms offer the benefit of increased privacy to their players. At the same time, most casinos will require some form of KYC (know your customer) as a form of identification as part of CFT and AML policies.
  • So far, only a few international gambling jurisdictions have issued licenses to casinos that accept BTC and, most notably, Curacao, which means they take responsibility for cryptocurrencies being used on gambling platforms under their jurisdiction. They confirm the legality of such online casinos as long as they follow the rules and regulations guiding the chosen jurisdiction.

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The Future of BTC Gambling

In the world we live in today, where almost everything and everyone is going digital, cryptocurrencies can’t be ignored. This is because of its usefulness in speed, anonymity, and privacy, which can still pose a strong argument among some players. 

Furthermore, operators who do not incorporate cryptocurrencies into their platforms miss out on a large potential audience. The fact remains that crypto casinos and online crypto betting are increasing daily. More online casinos are incorporating crypto gambling and catering to various coins.

How Can You Start Gambling With BTC?

Crypto online casinos feature all the usual online casino games, including slots, poker, and table games, and some also support sports betting. So if you wish to begin your BTC journey, you will need to deposit and withdraw your funds in the form of cryptocurrencies. Below are the steps you need to follow to start gambling with BTC:

Get Yourself a Crypto Wallet

Just like fiat currency, cryptocurrencies cannot be transferred from one account to another without using a virtual digital wallet. To transfer funds, you need to create an account with a reputable crypto-wallet service like Coinbase, which houses a crypto exchange where you can buy and exchange various cryptocurrencies for crypto.

Pick a Cryptocurrency

At this point, before you go ahead and play any games, you must have some cash converted into the digital currency of your choice, in this case, BTC. Make sure it is accepted on the platform you will be playing on. In most cases, online casinos accept Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), the two most widely accepted cryptocurrencies.

Depositing To a Crypto Casino

After buying your preferred digital currency, you can transfer it to your crypto website account. Then you can start playing as a gamer as soon as your deposit allows it. Another thing: after claiming your winnings, you can also withdraw your payout using cryptocurrencies through your crypto wallet, after which you can exchange the crypto in your wallet for standard legal money (fiat).


In the coming years, we will see the fast pace at which the legalization of Bitcoin is sure to evolve. For now, to be on the safe side and to rule out any potential risks surrounding illegal business operations, online casino operators should follow gambling laws in their regions that are applied to fiat currency.

BTC and other cryptocurrencies are a force that most governments and citizens can no longer ignore as it is becoming acceptable. That is because of its unique features, the fact that it is faster to process than conventional banking, and the anonymity and privacy players might not enjoy with fiat. For this reason, Bitcoin gambling is becoming increasingly popular globally.

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