Riversweeps Vegas, as an online casino platform, has gained prominence in the last couple of years. Everything from its eclectic games to its evergreen UI has continued to make it a popular hub for new and seasoned gamblers. 

While Riversweeps Vegas continues to grow in popularity, many newcomers need to understand what it is all about.

What is Riverweeps Vegas?

It is a casino software that aids in running a sweepstakes parlor. It has management tools and offers plenty of interactive casino games. These games can be accessed through Bitbetwin’s platform or Bitplay. You can also play them on mobile devices with no dip in their quality.

What games can I play at Riversweeps Vegas?

Many gaming options are available on the platform, but here are five games I’ll recommend for new players/first-time visitors.

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Starburst is proof that old is gold. The slot game was released in 2013 but still manages to garner a top reputation in every online casino it finds itself. This game has ten paylines which players can deposit for as 20 cents to as high as ten dollars per line. In addition, it has a Return-to-Player(RTP) of 96%.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is another popular slot game that’s a common fixture among most online casinos. With its safari features and host of bonus features like Wild symbols, progressive jackpot, and Free spins, it is no surprise that Mega Moolah is highly rated.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is the only online casino game I have seen that combines adventure and slot gaming at an extremely high level. It carries this task by putting you in the shoes of a conquistador as they search for El Dorado(the lost city of gold). Gonzo’s Quest has an RTP of 96% and offers free spins and multipliers.  

Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds is a slot game that requires you to match precious stones with one another on its 5 by 3 layout. Diamonds, amethysts, Emerald, and Topaz are symbols you’ll see in the game. The game has a high RTP of 94.6% and opportunities to win up to 75,000 coins. It also has Scatter and Wild symbols that can trigger bonus rounds; you can multiply the Riversweeps Jackpot and gain fantastic offers from Hot Diamonds.

Wolf Moon

Wolf moon is another online casino game with themes of adventure. The slot game follows a white wolf who leaves his pack to see the full moon; the responsibility falls on you, the player, to guide him on the right path through winning the slots. Wolf moon has an RTP of 94% and 40 paylines which are not fixed. It also offers random payouts and free spins to aid your journey.

Final Thoughts

Riversweeps Vegas is an excellent platform to start your online betting journey. This software gives you access to games with fantastic graphics, amazing gameplay, and excellent bonuses. You can also access this platform via mobile, enjoy its fresh graphics with no dip in quality, and enjoy gaming with no lag in gameplay. Also, there’s a mobile application that can access these games.