This Oxford software firm has been around for more than 15 years, yet it only launched its official website in 2014. Genii’s goal as a development firm was to satisfy the needs of every type of online casino operator. Therefore the company focused on more than just making great games for casinos – also check out the big bad wolf online slot.

To live up to its mission statement—”creating and providing the most engaging interactive material observed by the online casino industry”—this developer has obtained the necessary licences and awards and is motivated beyond belief to fulfil that promise.

Today, we’ll learn why so many online businesses are clamouring for partnerships with Genii and why their slots are gaining popularity. 

The Genii Online Casino Games Roster

Genii, a software development firm in Oxford, has been in business for over a decade.

This studio boasts on its website that it has over 130 titles in its library. To our knowledge, 153 titles have been published by this firm as of the time of this review’s writing. There are 91 different slot machines, 15 classic slots, 11 different table games, 30 different video poker games, and 6 different “other” games. We need to find out about the development of live dealer casino games by Genii, and there is currently no indication that the firm intends to do so. 

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Each Slot Is Unique

Genii slots have long been a favourite of casino owners and operators due to their seamless integration, plenty of features, and eye-popping visuals. Genii’s video and traditional mechanical slot games are extraordinarily innovative and feature-rich. Some of the most played Genii slot machines and fun information is provided here. 

Seven Chakras

There are 49 fixed paylines on Genii’s “Seven Chakras” slot machine’s 3×5 reel layout.

Experts agree that Genii’s “7 Chakras” is one of the greatest and most generous slots available because of its high return to player percentage of 95.88%. This religious slot machine features a 3×5 reel grid, a rainbow of colours, and 49 fixed pay lines. Players may use a wild symbol, scatters, free games, and a multiplier during the bonus feature. 

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“Zodiac” is a slot machine from The Genii, and it has a 35 grid with 20 fixed paylines.

This slot, first released with a Zodiac theme, has a 3×5 reel layout and includes extra gaming elements. With this slot, you may win up to 8 free games with a multiplier of 2x. You can wager as little as 0.01 units of cash and as much as 25 units. The return-to-player percentage for this game is 95.60%, and there are 20 ways to win. 

Sands of Space

Twenty fixed paylines make up the “Sands of Space” slot machine by Genii.

This is an interesting combination of Egyptian mythology with a futuristic atmosphere. These elements create a 3×5 slot with a 96.07% RTP and 20 fixed paylines. Additional features include a mini-game, wilds that multiply by two, scatters, and a chance to win prizes. 

Cash Vegas

Cash Vegas, the slot machine owned and operated by the Genii, uses a 3×5 reel layout.

This slot machine looks classic and has a classic 3×5 reel layout with an RTP of 96.03%. Cash Vegas offers players a chance to earn up to 14 free spins, but that’s not all they may win. Wilds may multiply your win, appear in stacks, and trigger other free games. Although it only has 5 pay lines, this classic-style slot machine is often regarded as one of Genii’s most generous games. 

Tales of Time Travel

The Genii slot machine, “Tales of Time Travel,” has a 3×5 layout and 40 fixed paylines.

This slot machine is intriguing. This slot machine features a 3×5 grid and 40 fixed paylines, and it takes its aesthetic inspiration from both Victorian England and Steampunk. For further immersion, the game employs a “reel reversal” mechanic that fits in with the overall story. People who play Tales of Time Travel can double their free spins up to 14 times! You may find scatters, double wilds, and other bonuses throughout the game.