Nearly all online casino games have cheats. This article is a guide to Fire Kirin cheats and how you can win consistently at fish games. Unlike other casino games where your wins are a factor of luck, fish table games like Fire Kirin are a special kind of casino game. 

Here, your ability to win depends on skills and the adoption of some tactics. If you have been losing at Fire Kirin games, the ultimate Fire Kirin cheats in this article will be all you need to turn your luck around. But before we get into the cheats, let’s get a refresher on Fire Kirin.

What is Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin is a casino that is gaining popularity. The platforms offer excellent fish table games for players. However, not many players have an insight into the arcade genre, which is why we came up with this article that will cover the best Fire Kirin and winning strategies that you can utilize instantly to maximize your winning chance at Fire Kirin. 

4 Fire Kirin Cheats To Try in 2023

Fire Kirin is a game of strategy and coordination. This is the section of the article where you learn how to improve your win rate at Fire Kirin fish games. But first, you must understand that these Fire Kirin cheat codes are designed to beat the game and improve your win rate. Okay, let’s cheat!

Adapt and study the game pattern

As I have said earlier, Fire Kirin Fish games are different from other casino games, requiring skill and excellent tactics. If you are trying to win more at Fire Kirin, you first should study the game mechanics and pattern. Observe the swimming pattern of the fishes, which pattern the big fishes follow, and how the small ones compare.

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Ballpoint coordination

This Fire Kirin cheat improves the rate at which you hit your targets. Depending on the fish’s swimming pattern, you can shoot directly at your targets or use the table walls for increased efficiency. Using the table walls may make bagging some more challenging fish easier. But this requires you to study the game well.

Shoot with speed.

In Fire Kirin, the speed of your shots should depend on the speed of the fish. You can’t just shoot blindly and hope to bag a big win. No, it would be best if you adapted your shot to the speed of your target. 

The small fishes swim slowly, so you can take your time to make an accurate shot. But the bigger fishes swim faster, and this is where shooting speed should match accuracy. With this cheat, practice is what makes the difference.

Get a lot of bullets

When all fails, ensure you have enough bullets to bury your targets. This tactic is a brute-force approach for Fire Kirin games. However, having many bullets increases your chances of winning something at fish games. It also lets you observe the game pattern and experiment with your strategy.


As you might have noticed, the Fire Kirin cheats are not strategies aimed at beating the house but improving your win rate. The house is as much a disadvantage in fish games, and the player’s strategy makes the difference.

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