When working on your application, most of you think about working with a consultant to spark your application. We have encountered MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, so we researched their process. MBA and Beyond was founded in 2017, and its founder Shantanu when he was at INSEAD. He realized that 80% of the students did not know what they specifically wanted to get out of an MBA, and from there, Shantanu and Paridhi built a team that facilitates the creation of top-notch value in the journey of their applicants and guided them with a roadmap to their dream business schools with a clear clarity of their goals and purpose. You can also see MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews on Poets&Quants.

In MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, applicants have mentioned that they have made it to the top b-schools, like INSEAD, Wharton, LBS MIT, Ross, Darden, and so on, with the panel of their consultants. 

Their consultants are from diverse backgrounds in all industries and schools. So, their research and analysis team evaluates your profile, and with their 360-degree matchmaking process, they’ll match you with the right consultant. In MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, we often find that people talk about their unique processes. Applicants have talked about their content gathering, branding, shortlisting schools, essays, LOR, and resume process helped them build a strong application. The MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews are available in different forums.

Is MBA and Beyond Worth it?

Absolutely! As per MBAANDBEYOND.COM Review, their strength is their expertise and personalized approach as they connect with applicants from the surface level and understand what is their perspective rather than judging tangible skills like GMAT or GPA. In MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, applicants also mentioned that their pricing is quite high, but they believe that their investment is worth it. 

To Contact MBA and Beyond!

In MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews, we also saw that they organize events like “coffee chat” with alums and consultants of top B-schools where you can meet with the community of applicants who are going to apply that year. 

When you visit the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Review then you can find this review with the name: sanjna2023 from GMAT Club

When I started my journey, I knew where I wanted to apply, but I had no idea how to go about it. My search for MBA Consultants started at a time when I was still preparing for the GMAT and had my target schools shortlisted.

MBA and Beyond – Key Differentiator

I spoke to many different companies, and a lot of them asked me questions that I felt were being plugged into a foolproof equation that was known to provide results. However, I finalized MBA and Beyond because –

  • I felt that my personal strengths and motivations were understood by the team, and they didn’t boil my experience and personal qualities down to math.
  • I didn’t feel pressure to score exceptionally well on my GMAT or that the GMAT score was the make or break for my school – the encouragement and tone through and through were always to give it my best shot.
  • Their success rate/ track record in helping secure INSEAD admits for applicants with low GMAT scores.

The Application Process

The process itself of starting work on my applications was life-changing. Putting down points in the product in the MBA and Beyond framework gives you so much clarity going into this process about who you are as a person. From start to end, the product covers content and instruction for each stage of your application process specific to the schools you are applying for. The content-gathering stage is the most pivotal step in this process, in my opinion, because it pushes you to think hard about your personal qualities. The team, especially Ayushi, in my case, supports you through and through, even when you’re stuck, and helps you position your content in unique and powerful ways. I think what comes out of this process is a simplified and more focused thought process that prepares you not just for your applications but also for your interviews.

Working with your Consultant – Andy, my Partner

The relationship working with Andy was like no other. For starters, he actually read all the material I had written with a fine-toothed comb – be it my content frameworks, notes, first drafts, and of course, my final drafts. He helped come up with my branding – who I was as a person, what were some defining qualities/ motivations in my life that got me to where I am, my professional strengths, and my contributions to a diverse classroom. I can’t emphasize how important this was for me because, at each step of the way, I felt secure in knowing that Andy understood who I was and exactly that person was being presented in my applications. I was truly myself in the applications and not a summation of different variables in a tried and tested formula. Despite being in completely different time zones, Andy was always approachable, quick to respond, and a true partner in this journey.

I would also like to highlight that the applications for both schools I got accepted into – INSEAD and IESE were with submission dates on the same day. This was extremely challenging as the INSEAD application is quite extensive and detailed oriented, but with Andy’s help, I was able to help systematically work on all aspects well in time.

Amidst this process, I would also like to share that I took the GMAT twice as I scored poorly the first time, and it pushed my plans to apply to INSEAD from R2 to R3. However, not once did Andy make me feel stressed or uneasy about my situation. He was a beacon of hope and positivity and encouraged me to take it again and not worry about the outcome. As I said – Andy just understood me and knew that I had a very, very, VERY bad day, and it wasn’t a reflection of me or who I was. He was confident that I would take it again and “smash it,” and even if I didn’t get that 700+ score, I would still be just okay, and we’d give it our best shot. There was never an expectation from me to score a specific number or be within a certain threshold – I was only and only encouraged to do my best. So I juggled preparing for my second GMAT attempt and working on my applications side by side with Andy’s help.

To sum up, I truly believe I made it here only thanks to Andy’s encouragement and support, and I would encourage you all to work with him in applying to your dream schools!

The Interview Process

With Andy’s help, I was able to prepare just the right amount for my interviews, and I think a key piece of advice that worked for me was to prepare but not over-prepare. Andy gave me the confidence boost and motivation I needed to just be myself during the interview, and we went over certain aspects of my interviews in different calls he had set up.

Finally, Shakshi from MBA and Beyond made sure to check in with me every step of the way and ensure I was comfortable and all set at each stage. She was always just a call away and proactively helped me with quick responses to any queries that I had, never needing any follow-ups or reminders. So I can vouch for the fact that it’s not just your Consultant but an entire team that is there to support you through this entire lifecycle, and the Teamwork truly makes the Dream work.

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