Victoria Chlebowski Introduction

The name, Victoria Chlebowski has been listened to by many if they are aware of the Hollywood actor, Michael Imperioli. So if you are one of his knowers, then yes, you have guessed it right, Victoria Chlebowski is the wife of the White Lotus actor, Michael Imperioli. 

Although Victoria has her own identity as a businesswoman, producer, and actress, still the entrepreneur is better known for her married relationship with the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actor, Michael Imperioli. 

The powerful couple is recognized for their intense relationship which is blooming for more than 25 years from now and people wanted to know the secret behind this never-ending love between the Hollywood couple. 

Here you’ll find every detail about Imperioli’s wifey, Victoria who used to stay a step away from the glitter of the media. 

Victoria Chlebowski Bio

Victoria Chlebowski, who changed her surname after her marriage to the Hollywood actor, Michael Imperioli to Victoria Imperioli, is an American and Russian national. 

Victoria Chlebowski, 56, was born to a Jewish couple and raised in her teenage years on the lands in Russia. She evolved from mixed roots and had been a follower of the Jewish religion. But in 2008, she, along with her husband, Michael Imperioli, chooses to be a Buddhist follower and now, the couple spread the Buddhist faith among the youth. 

The entrepreneur started her glamorous journey after she tied the knot with the fame of the American crime drama, “The Sopranos”. She is a successful entrepreneur, actress, producer, and co-owner of a Bohemia bar in Chelsea, along with her hubby. 

The loving relationship between the blonde beauty and the “Goodfellas” actor is famous in the entire entertainment industry of Hollywood and people saw them as an inspirational married couple, who become the idol for future generations. 

Victoria Chlebowski Age, Height, And Birthday

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The wife of “Goodfellas” film’s spider character, Victoria Chlebowski is an enchanting and magnificent lady with short white hair, fair skin tone, and shining eyes. The famous entrepreneur, 56, was born in 1966 and at her young age, she used to be a jaw-dropping beauty that made Michael Imperioli fall for her. 

She holds a complete model material body with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, highlighted jaw-line, and glittering eyes. For now, she bears a body weight of around 65-69 kg

Victoria’s Early Life, Parents, Education

The wife of Michael Imperioli, who is a 3 times Star Screen Actor Guild Award Winner, Victoria was born in the lands of Russia. She spent the early 15 years of her life at her birthplace in Russia and at 16, she, along with her mother, Raisa Chlebowski, and stepfather, Ryszard, moved to California, USA. There is no information regarding her real father. 

She completed high school at one of California’s local high schools and then joined a private University at the same place. Her educational qualification is not specified either by the entrepreneur or by her husband. 

Victoria Chlebowski Professional Career

The professional career of Imperioli’s wife has been highlighted after her marriage to the Hollywood actor. 

She emerged as an entrepreneur, actor, and producer. She has even worked in a design firm named SVE New York. Along with Imperioli, Victoria was involved in the renovation work of a building in Tribeca. Her renovation skills were highlighted after this project.

The couple also owns a Bohemian bar in Chelsea 

She has also shown her acting skills by working as an actor in the 2013 film, Joy de V. in which she played the character of Laszlo. After becoming Buddhist in 20108, Victoria started to attend a Buddhist teaching centre in New York. They are known to be the students of Namkha Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist lama. 

According to 2022 reports, the couple has opened a special centre for their Guru, Namkha Rinpoche to teach in Tribeca. 

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Chlebowski’s Personal Life, Husband, and Children

Victoria Chlebowski has been a happily married woman since 1996! 

The actor of the famous character, Christopher Moltisanti of The Sopranos, Michael Imperioli is the husband of this professional, Russian-born lady. 

Michael is an American actor, musician, and writer who has done numerous famous roles in many movies and series including The Shark Tale, Love & Distrust, The Call, Oldboy, One Night in Miami, and The Many Saints of Newark. 

But let me tell you that this is the 2nd marriage of Victoria Chlebowski. She has shared a married relationship with an unknown guy that resulted in the birth of Victoria’s firstborn daughter, Isabella Chlebowski. 

From Victoria and Michael’s first meet-up to their love story and to their past relationships, everything has been kept under a veil by the inspirational Hollywood couple. 

But since their marriage in 1996, they have been visible at many events and functions and have delivered an inspirational and fulfilling life to others. 

Despite being an antisocial and shy couple, the love birds never left a chance to showcase their love at any given moment, whether on social media or at any award function. 

Victoria and Michael are proud parents of 2 children, Vadim and David, both of them are boys and they adore their step-sister, Isabella, who is older than both of them, in a very lovable manner. 

The happy and inspirational family lives together in California. Michael Imperioli feels extremely proud to raise Isabella and always gives her the nurture, given by a father to her daughter. 

Victoria Chlebowski’s Net Worth

The net worth of Michael Imperioli’s wife, Victoria Chlebowski is estimated to be $550K

Victoria Chlebowski Social Media

Victoria is an antisocial person and she stays away from media and light. She is not available on the social media platforms. But you can catch her on her husband, Michael Imperioli’s Instagram account. 


The American and Russian national, Victoria Chlebowski, famous as the wife of “The Sopranos” actor, Michael Imperioli is a professional businesswoman, producer, and actress. Victoria, 56, married the actor in 1996 and since then, they are living a happily married life along with their 2 biological children and stepdaughter of Michael from Victoria’s 1st marriage. She holds a net worth of $550K and stays far away from social media platforms. Born and raised as a Jew, Victoria became a follower of Buddhism in 2008 and followed the same, till now. 

FAQs On Victoria Chlebowski

Who is Victoria Chlebowski?

She is the wife of an American actor, Michael Imperioli.

What is her age?

She is a 56 years old professional lady.

How many kids does she have?

She is the mother of 3 kids.

How many times has Victoria married in her life, till now?

Michael Imperioli is the IInd husband of Victoria. 

What is her religion?

She was born as a Jew but in 2008, she started to follow Buddhism.

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