Haley Arnaz is a famous American ballet dancer and actress, popularly known as the adoptive daughter of retired actor and musician, Desi Arnaz Jr.

The professional ballerina has also been recognized for her role in a comedy movie, “I Love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special”. The famous personality has been counted as the most mysterious and puzzling member of the Arnaz family when compared to other members. 

The surname “Arnaz” is enough to increase the speculation that urges the searching rate of the personality and a similar thing happened in the case of Haley Arnaz, who is suspected as the step-daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr. 

Who is Haley Arnaz?

Haley Arnaz is the adoptive child of Desi Arnaz Jr., who came into his life when he married his second wife, Amy Laura Bargiel

Haley Arnaz is a professional ballerina, who also works as an instructor of ballet dancing along with working as an actress. 

The girl rose to fame as the daughter of a very famous American personality. When her name connected with Desi Arnaz, she became a prominent personality and after she started her professional career as a ballerina and actress, she became even more prominent. 

Haley Arnaz Biography

Born and raised in the United States of America, Haley Arnaz comes out as an American national. The mixed ethnic girl belonging to Polish and English ancestry has grown up as a Christian since her birth on the 17th of December 1976. 

The Sagittarius girl was adopted by her mother’s IInd husband, Desi Arnaz Jr. after the divorce of her biological parents. This becomes the life-changing event of the ballerina’s life, which gives her a lot of prominence and popularity. Although the girl never misused the popularity of her step-father and chooses a normal profession as a ballerina and actress and stands firm on her own feet still she is known by Desi Arnaz’s name. 

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Haley Arnaz Age

The American ballerina, who is famous as the adoptive daughter of Desiderio Alberto Arnaz, is a 46-year-old lady as of March 2023, because her date of birth is 17th December 1976. 

Haley Arnaz Height & Weight

The daughter of Amy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz named Haley Arnaz, who is in her late 40s is an elegant lady with short, blonde hair and gray eyes. With fair skin color, Haley looks like an angel with her blonde hair. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches and bears a body weight of around 55 kg

Haley Arnaz Early Life 

After taking birth to USA’s well-established family, Haley suffered distancing from her biological father named Gary Charf who divorced her mother, Amy Laura Bargiel when Haley was just 3 years old. After this, Haley was left alone with her single mother. 

After a few months, Amy Laura Bargiel met Desi Arnaz, who became an angel in both of their lives and blossomed their rough lives. Desi Arnaz and Amy Laura married on 8th October 1987 and later on adopted Haley Arnaz. 

Haley Arnaz received every luxury, comfort, and security, needed by a daughter from her father, and this led to a comfortable early life for Haley Arnaz. She spent most of her childhood in Boulder City, Nevada, with her ever-loving father, mother, and step-sister. 

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Haley Arnaz Family

The family of Haley Arnaz consists of her birth-giving mother, Amy Laura Arnaz, her adoptive father, Desi Arnaz Jr., who has given tremendous love to her, and she also has a step-sister named Julia Arnaz

Amy Laura Arnaz recently died in 2015 after struggling with cancer at the age of 63. She was also a dancer and actress like her daughter and has followed her profession with complete dedication and honesty. She was gifted with a Boulder City Ballet company from her husband, Desi Arnaz. 

Desi Arnaz Jr70 is a professional actor and musician who retired in recent years. He is the son of a famous Cuban-born American actor named Desi Arnaz and an American actress, producer, and comedian. 

Julia Arnaz is the biological daughter of Desi Arnaz jr. who was born out of Desi Arnaz’s relationship with his teenage years’ girlfriend, Susan Callahan-Howe when both of them were 15 years old. 

Haley Arnaz Education

Haley attended a private school in Boulder City, Nevada, and graduated from there. Later on, she developed an immense interest in ballet dancing and started to learn it. 

Haley Arnaz Career

The star kid, Haley Arnaz, holds every chance to enter the Hollywood film industry with the help of her father but she chooses to follow her choice of interest, which is ballet dancing. She has an immense interest in ballet which developed from her mother’s profession. 

For now, she is a professional ballerina and teaches ballet dance to children in Santa Clarita, California. 

After being a successful ballerina, she got a chance to perform in a family comedy film, “I Love Lucy” and she did quite well. 

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Haley Arnaz’s Personal Life & Marital Status

Haley Arnaz’s marital status is single and there is no news about her personal life, affairs, and boyfriends. 

Haley Arnaz Social Media

The daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr. is not active on social media platforms. 

Haley Arnaz’s Net Worth

The professional ballerina, who teaches ballet dancing to children in Santa Clarita, California has a net worth of $1 million. 


Born and raised in the United States, Haley Arnaz turned out to be a professional ballerina of the USA who is an instructor and also worked as an actor. Famous as the adoptive daughter of American retired musician and actor, Desi Arnaz, Haley Arnaz received every comfort and support in his 46 years of life. Born on 17th December 1976, the star kid holds English and Polish ancestry from her biological parents, Amy Laura and Gary Charf.

FAQs on Haley Arnaz

1. Who is Haley Arnaz?

She is a professional ballet dancer and instructor in America.

2. What is she famous for?

She is famous as the adoptive daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr.

3. How old is she?

She is 46 years old.

4. Who is her biological father and mother?

Amy Laura Bargiel and Gary Charf.

5. Does she have any siblings?

Yes, she has a step-sister, Julia Arnaz. 

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