Are you looking for a new London space for your business’s headquarters? London has a lot to offer companies. From Mayfair to Soho to Southbank, there are plenty of excellent locations to set up an office. One area you should consider is Kensington.

Where is Kensington?

Known as a prime residential location with many fine dining and shopping opportunities, Kensington is to the west of Central London, located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. As well as plenty of townhouses, the area is home to the Natural History Museum and Kensington gardens. It’s an upscale location that focuses on the finer things in life.

So, why do business owners choose the Kensington area for their company headquarters? Keep reading to find out!

Known for Luxury

As you have likely figured by this point, Kensington is known as a luxury location, which is why so many companies choose it as their headquarters. With a prime address in the Kensington area, businesses instantly improve their image, showing themselves as professional, upmarket businesses worthy of working with. Of course, you might have to fork out lots of cash to have an office there. That’s why so many choose to rent an office in this luxury area rather than buy one. The Workplace Company has plenty of options for office spaces in Kensington, so check that out if you want to know if it fits your budget.

The Transport Connections

Kensington also has plenty of excellent transport connections, meaning no one – whether a client or employee – will struggle to travel there. The tube stations include Kensington (Olympia), High Street Kensington, and South Kensington. Of course, there are also plenty of bus routes going through the area.

The Nearby Executives

Executives of the company particularly love the location of Kensington. That’s because so many of them (often thanks to their high take-home pay) live in the Kensington area, meaning they can walk to work! That’s not something a lot of people can do when working or living in London.

Appealing to Top Talent

It’s the goal of many businesses to attract the best talent. Part of doing that is choosing a location that appeals, and Kensington is undoubtedly one of them. Thanks to its surrounding beauty, London location, and accessible transportation connections, employees love working there.

A Beautiful Area

Everyone who has been to Kensington points out its undeniable beauty. It has a mixture of appealing architecture and attractive nature. Plus, there’s so much to see and do there. You can walk around Kensington gardens, check out the huge whale at the Natural History Museum, and get inspired by art at the Serpentine Gallery. It’s not a place you will ever grow bored of.

When looking for an office in London, pay attention to Kensington. While it might have more residential areas than commercial, there are still great offices to find that will help your business grow its image while appealing to the best talent.

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